Friday, July 16, 2010

To Pimp or Not to Pimp?

Over at Swords & Dorkery, there's a recent post that made me wonder about what is the etiquette in the blogosphere pertaining to the following:
  • Using a blog to trade RPG materials (as in the Swords & Dorkery post I mention above)
  • Asking for donations on a blog
  • Using a blog to buy/sell RPG materials

The final bullet in my list is what I'm most interested in. Here's the deal: I have a lot of gaming stuff at home—RPGs, board games, even computer games—that I am thinking I would like to try and sell.

So here's my question: would it be considered poor form if I posted items I would like to sell on my blog?

Personally, I don't see why it would be a bad thing. I mean, there's lots and lots of blogs that ask for donations...just because! At least with trying to sell something, the person handing over the cash gets something out of it.

I would really like your opinions on this. And in the meantime...anyone interested in seeing what I have to sell? ;-)


  1. R U Sirius?

    Half of use our blogs to personally attack strangers, and the rest of us verbally masturbate onto the interwebs...

    It speaks well of you that that you actually care about etiquette, though! FWIW, no bites on my 4e stuff. Go figure. :)

    I'm not sure I'd have put up something that was for sale, as opposed to trade, though.

  2. It's been done before, but I can't remember who or where. I seem to recall that it was to raise money for medical bills (so must have been a US blogger).

    As for donations to a blog, I've seen the little buttons on some people's blogs but I have misgivings about it myself. I always feel uncomfortable about asking for money for things I do (and as I'm going to be publishing modules soon, I really ought to get that out of my system) but to ask for donations and THEN expect people to pay for my published stuff seems a bit cheeky.

    I wouldn't even know how much revenue those little buttons generate? Is it even worth bothering with them? Questions, questions...

  3. I don't mind seeing people raise money for cancer patients or Haiti or whatever; good for them. I can understand why some people put ads and donation buttons their sites but would not want pollute the good name of Swords & Dorkery with ads or by asking people to bribe me not run ads. :) It's all stuff I do for fun.

    @Daddy Grognard: You've given us all plenty of awesome stuff. Don't feel bad about selling modules if that is something you want to do.