Monday, December 31, 2018

End-of-Year Elmore (12/31/18): Caramon and Raistlin

Of course, I end the year on an illo by the master, St. Elmore himself! This is a cool one of Caramon and Raistlin. It feels like an early version of the two iconic Dragonlance characters... but I could be completely wrong!

Anyway, that's all from me this year, folks! I hope you had a great gaming year in 2018, and wish you all the best for 2019!

End-of-Year Caldwell (12/31/18): Soth and Kitiara

I love this illo by the fantastic Clyde Caldwell depicting Lord Soth getting handsy with Kitiara! Caldwell is another Elmore contemporary and one of the TSR-era illustrators who lent his talents to bring 2nd Edition D&D to vivid life. I may no longer be a huge fan of that version of the game, but the art of that era has left a lasting impression on me!

End-of-Year Easley (12/31/18): Verminaard

Ah, the villainous Verminaard, as depicted by the great Jeff Easley, a contemporary of Larry Elmore. Also shown is Fewmaster Toede, the disgusting hobgoblin, and Ember the red dragon.

End-of-Year Lockwood (12/31/18): The Warriors

Another Dragonlance illo, this one by Todd Lockwood, a more recent D&D artist. I tend to like his work a lot. Not sure who these mugs are, but they're probably not as tough as they're trying to look.

End-of-Year Stawicki (12/31/18): In Chains

I'm closing out 2018 with a selection of Dragonlance illos from various artists. First up is Matt Stawicki. I'm not a huge fan of his work, but this piece really speaks to me!

Friday, December 7, 2018

End-of-Week Elmore (12/7/18): WTF? (Caption This)

Um...I honestly don't know what to say about this one.

I've been doing my End-of-Week Elmore art posts for about SIX YEARS now (YIKES!), and besides the one where some human skins were used as saddles (DOUBLE YIKES!) I haven't seen a more bizarre illo from this Old Master of fantasy art.

So, I need your help to caption this sucker, and together maybe we'll make some sort of sense out of the madness depicted! Please leave a caption in the comment field for this post. The contest will run until next Friday (i.e. the next EoWE post).

What's the prize for the caption I deem the most creative and/or hilarious? Internet immortality and the praise of yours truly! There's never been a better no-prize in the history of the world!

Honestly, I forgot how long I've been doing these posts. I really need to go back and do some sort of retrospective. I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself or maybe embarrassed. Perhaps a bit of both should be in order? Mostly, I just feel the usual shock and awe that so much time has passed so quickly.

Anyway, looking forward to your captions!

P.S. Come to think of it, when I consider the "people skins as saddles" illo, the one featured in this post is probably the prequel to that one.. The guys jumped out and scared the buffalo, for which they were skinned and used as buffalo saddles! Damn, Larry, what were you smoking at the time?