Friday, May 25, 2018

End-of-Week Kelly (5/25/18): Dark Castle

This past weekend, I went to one of the few remaining used book traders in my area of the world. As is my wont, I went seeking some old pulpy genre fiction from bygone eras.

While slipping through delightfully tight aisles of shelving that towered over me on both sides, I came upon a stack of books by Tanith Lee from the 1970s. I've never read any of her work, so I decided to take a chance and picked up a couple of the books.

The cover art of one novel called Dark Castle, White Horse was done by the talented Ken Kelly. I thought it was very cool, evocative, and suitably pulpy! I'm not sure how good the book actually is, but I'll report back in on my thoughts when I'm done with it!