Monday, July 19, 2010

Me versus Monday

I hate Mondays. I know, that's such a lame statement. Who among us LOVES Mondays, you may ask?

Not since my teenage years have I hated Mondays this much. I guess I needed to say that in order to clarify. Recently I have been hating Mondays as much as when they brought an end to my carefree weekends of my youth. Perhaps this has to do with my struggles to return to the gaming ways of my younger self...

So the image above, by the great Daniel R. Horne, does two things for me. One, it depicts how I feel on Mondays: I'm the poor bastid behind the shield, and the behemoth with the hammer is Monday. The unfortunate slob laying in the snow is one of Monday's other victims. Two, it simultaneously inspires me to game!

FYI, if you don't already know: the beastie above is the dreaded demon lord Kostchtchie as depicted by Horne (who by the way did my favorite Dragon Magazine cover).

Just thought I'd share. Carry on...


  1. That is a great piece of art. The geese really add a touch of realism. I have that very issue of Dragon in my library.

  2. Tell me don't like Mondays

  3. THAT is definitely going on my desk!
    I'll have to put it in the form of one of those black-bordered inspirational style posters!