Monday, September 10, 2012

The first cool breaths of Autumn...

...have blessed the East Coast of America today, my friends! Their soothing caress has even served to alleviate my normal Monday blues, miracle of miracles. Thus begins my favorite season, friends. Though in recent years, due to climate change no doubt, I feel as if the season is getting all too short, with Autumn shifting to the bitterness of winter all too swiftly. Ah, but I am determined to enjoy every Fall day this year, and not squander them as I have in years past.
I look forward to the pumpkins (giant ones have already appeared in the local grocery store), my October birthday, Halloween (and I don't even mind the fact that Halloween paraphernalia started appearing in stores during the last days of August...though I've balked in the past at how early Halloween was being pushed by retailers, it's actually cool that the holiday is "celebrated" for about two solid months). I'm going to be reading scary stories to my daughter's first-grade class in late October, and of course there's going to be hikes in the woods, pumpkin picking, and all the other goodness that comes this time of year.
Can you tell I feel rejuvenated already? Here's hoping no more heatwaves are in out future, eh? Anyway, hope there's some touches of Autumn already hitting your area, where ever you may dwell!

The Elmore cover art for Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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