Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Numenera and The Kickstarter Blues

(First, apologies. I had no intention of my last post being the only thing from me for over a week. I know the world must have stopped turning without me ;-)
So I did it. I put in a pledge for Monte Cook's Numenera RPG Kickstarter. Anyone else chip in for this bad boy? The project garnered over $500,000 for the love of Gygax! I'm pretty excited, it seems like a really cool project and I'm glad to have made my own humble monetary contribution. And, as Monty said in a video that he made after the end of the Kickstarter to thank the backers, (I'm paraphrasing here) the amount that was raised and the number of backers (well over 4,000) show that the rumors of the death of RPGs is greatly exaggerated.
However, amid the anticipation, I am sort of upset with the Kickstarter process. Why? Well, originally I pledged $60, but then decided to change my pledge to $50 for several reasons that I won't go into. Anyway, the Kickstarter ended and I received a message that there was a problem with my transaction. I am using a prepaid card with just under $60 on it. Well, I thought that wouldn't be a problem since I changed the pledge to $50. However, Amazon Payments, the service that is the Kickstarter default, didn't seem to get the memo. They're still trying to charge me for the original $60 pledge.
Has anyone run into this problem? I've tried to contact Kickstarter, Amazon, and Monte himself. No responses as of yet. I know what you might say: just change the payment to another card, right? Well, I'd much rather use up this prepaid card I have on hand. The rest of my budget is really tight...yes, even for $10. This is because of all the other RPG purchases I've made of late.
Advice in this matter is welcome, folks.


  1. I joined in too, as you get a fair amount for a pledge. As for getting your money back... not sure how they will work. KS has a no refund policy, but you might get somewhere going through Amazon possibly. I think it is beyond Monte's powers to change anything that end, but you never know.

    1. Yeah, but I'm not trying to get my money back. The card was never charged. I just want the lower charge to go through. By now I've heard from both Kickstarter and Amazon, and they both basically said "contact the creator to work something out", whatever the hell "work something out" means.