Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Really grotesque method for animating the dead...

Illustration by Michael Bukowski
If you don't know Michael Bukowski's really awesome Yog-Blogsoth, you are missing out. Today's feature is the Rolang, and you really have to check out this post.

Why? Because it contains descriptions of the most horrible animate dead ritual I've ever read! If D&D magic users had to use the time consuming and disgusting process described, there would probably be a lot less zombies in D&D games.


  1. Less zombies! That doesn't sound good. I am a DM victim of the Walking Dead series and have become very attached to zombie hordes in my campaign.

  2. This is great, thanks for the pointer. I love that it comes from real world folklore. Note that the quote is from Alexandra David-Neel's 1929 book Magic and Mystery in Tibet (I'll have to check that out one of these days).