Thursday, July 7, 2011

Status Update: Sturm und Drang

"Oh noez! Bloggerz takin stuffs too seeriuz agin!"
So, there was the fairly recent temporary ostracism of Greg at Dark Horse Game Design. Then there was the very recent attack by the Your Dungeon is Suck person on Christian of Destination Unknown fame. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I will say this: don't worry about it and you're the lucky one, because you didn't have to experience the utter non-issue.

The one consolation for me personally during the recent stupidity is that no one, at least on the blogs I read, used the word "kerfuffle." That word drives me insane in the way that Curly goes crazy when he hears Larry play Pop Goes the Weasel on the violin.

Look, I'm not heartless. I felt really bad for Christian when he got upset at what YDIS Guy posted about him. I'm not sure why Christian took it so hard, but we all have our breaking points and sensitive spots. But the YDIS Guy is seriously just filling the cliched role of "personified antithesis." Every movement has one. There is that person that has to be the one who hates everything said movement stands for. And that person, or even persons in some cases, step into this role for any myriad of reasons. I'm not really interested in exploring any of those reasons.

Can we just agree that getting upset over something like Your Dungeon is Suck is like getting upset at the sky being blue. Blogs like YDIS are as common and par for the course as any other thing that you take for granted every day. There are these niches that exist in any human collective that we as creatures of habit slip into, whereever our species congregates. This is no different in this little virtual playground of ours. YDIS is filling one of many bland, vanilla, not really original at all roles. Again, this is such a non-issue.

I'm glad that Christian is back. I've been a follower of his for a while now, and he's been on my blogroll for the same amount of time. I applaud him for his candor on his blog, and for sharing so much of his real personal life in addition to his ups and downs at the gaming table. I say this as a person who likes to use blogging to share my gaming experiences with like-minded folks. But he, like the rest of us, has to be prepared for stray d-bags using our words against us. I have faith that Christian has come out of this wiser and stronger.

Now can we all go back to shaking our heads and chuckling lightly at blogs like YDIS for the silly curiosities they are?

As for me, the Wednesday night gaming has been going well. I've had to give over the GM chair to my friend Rich for the next few weeks, as work has been kicking it up a notch. But I intend to get back in the saddle by the end of the month at the latest, after I take some time to adjust to the new speed of the job. It still sucks to be the new guy at work, but it's sucking less all the time.

It turns out to be a good thing to have Rich take so much time to run his Invincible Overlord campaign, since he's leaving indefinitely around the end of the month. He's moving out of state for a great job opportunity. He's going to try and come back on occasion to game with us. He will be greatly missed.

There's also a new fellow named Glenn who joined us for a couple of sessions recently, and he's been a great fit. But he's unfortunately had some medical issues arise that have taken him away from our table. We're all hoping he gets well very soon.

One of our other players is working at a sort of summer camp and has been away. He's been trying to spread the good word of Castles & Crusades to the young folk at camp, but they've sort of been giving him blank stares. Kids these days. But at least he's fighing the good fight.

But our group is a resilient one,  and I have no doubt that we'll somehow keep the gaming goodness going strong! I'm thankful to have found a great bunch of people to roleplay with, I'll tell you that much.

Anyway, thanks for listening as usual, and here's wishing happy and peaceful gaming to you all!


  1. The one consolation for me personally during the recent stupidity is that no one, at least on the blogs I read, used the word "kerfuffle."

    Indeed. On a similar note, I'm also pleased I've yet to see the phrase "tempest in a teapot" bandied about. I think that's a first for one of these situations.

  2. @sirlarkins: dude, the other term I hate hearing over and over is "echo chamber." Just shut up with that, please!

  3. I can see where it went nuclear.

    Poking fun at games and such is one thing but when it gets personal it crosses the line.

    Imagine you had an 8 year old daughter you had spoken about who had cancer and you put a picture up of her birthday gathering just to have this guy start ripping on her about being bald and making jokes about it. Is that funny to you? Something to be dismissed off hand?

    Thick skin or not this is not the place to test those boundaries.

  4. Slightly OT: I LOVE that picture! However, the word kerfuffle is awesome, just for the record. Though I also hate "tempest in a teapot" and "echo chamber." That is all.

  5. @ADD Grognard: Of course your example would not be funny and something that could not be lightly dismissed. But one should not crumble under such an onslaught, IMHO. Take it as an opportunity to rise up and make a stand.

    I'm not taking a shot at Christian for being hurt by what YDIS said. But I am confused as to why it would affect him so much. However, I haven't walked in his shoes and I don't know the circumstances of his life beyond what he puts on the blog. I guess he just has certain soft spots and unfortunately he gave out enough info on himself, innocently, that some turd decided to pounce on it and use it against him.

    Does it suck that the Internet, while a great way to communicate, can also be used by cowards to attack other people? Yes. But throughout all of human history our tools have been both blessings and curses. They can be used for good or ill.

    I guess I'm just saying that I somewhat agree with the Jim Raggi philosophy that everyone seems to be quoting now: that if you put yourself out there, be prepared to be attacked for it. I don't agree with Raggi that bloggers cannot become friends or whatever you want to call it, and that we should always be wary of one another.

    Like I said, I respect Christian and wish him well. But he should know now that he needs to consider the source when someone tries to attack him. YDIS is something to be pitied and/or laughed at, and doing so takes away his "power."

  6. @bevisiscariot: The tempest in a teapot thing I haven't heard yet, but it's very annoying to me already...

  7. I've been busy working on the old career, to some success I should add, and missed this whole blow up. I'm glad I missed it but sorry to hear that Christian was the target.

    I will now, however, have to start using the term "kerfuffle" constantly in my vocabulary but I'll keep it off the blogs.