Monday, July 4, 2011

I am not a patriot, but I love my country

To me, the word patriot, at least how it is used here in the United States, has become tainted. Tainted and hijacked by religious fundamentalists and partisan demagogues who simply pander to a constituency. These deviant elements in my society have corrupted our vernacular and twisted precious words to fit their agendas. Fuck them. I despise the politicians and the pundits and lobbyists and all the rest for what they have done to this country, despite my best efforts to use my vote to change things. No matter the politcal party, the little people get screwed. Plain and simple. And I hate it. Every day, I hate it.

So I am not a patriot, but I love my country. I hate how the aforementioned a-holes have caused many of our current and former allies to look down upon us. I wish there was something I could do besides plead with those in other countries like Canada and Great Britain to not think that all of us in the US are fucking retards. The state in which the US finds itself these days makes me deeply sad. But let me assure you, we are as diverse here as you are in your countries.

I may not be an "America can do no wrong" nut, but that doesn't mean that I don't love my country. You can simultaneously love and hate aspects of a thing.

Again, I ask that you not hold anything against my country. I know I can detect what I think is some cynicism toward the US out there in the blogosphere. I can't give you every example, but there's at least one example that makes me scratch my head. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take away from that one.

To my fellow Americans, I want to give you my sincere hope that you have a great Fourth of July. I want you to all feel as proud of our country as I do. And our country is really the people, the little people, the ones who go to work every day to provide for our families, the ones who fight in our wars. Not the fucking celebrities, the talking heads who try daily to instill us with fear over multiple media, the politicians who will betray us every time.

To  you who are not Americans, I ask again for you to remember that we are not some mindless mass of drones that march in lockstep with what our leaders do in our name. We are individuals, just like you. Hell, we all love these games that we play, right? That's our lingua franca. I want you to know that the vast majority of us want a fellowship with you in other countries. We want you to know that we respect you and look to you for comradeship, even if our leaders make it seem that the US wants to give you all the cold shoulder.

Thanks for listening. As always, game on!


  1. Anyone who generalises is someone whose opinion is not worth listening to. Every nation and people is made up of decent folks and arseholes. America is no different.

    As for politicians, the ratio of decent to arseholes is greatly skewed in favour of the latter. Those lying, self-serving, hypocritical scum-suckers make me literally nauseous every time I hear one open its mouth. I feel terribly sorry for the minority of decent politicians who are simply pushing shit uphill in their hopeless attempt to change the system from within.

    Enjoy your national day DRANCE, the haters of the US are far outnumbered by those who can see past the politics and know that there are plenty of decent people in your country.

  2. So, I delivered 'hate' to the U.S. by printing a map of the region it once was?

    I'm scratching my head too.

  3. @Alexis: maybe you can clarify the meaning behind your post, then (if there was any meaning, that is). If there was no sarcasm meant or some cynical intention, then I apologize. But you have to admit that the meaning behind your post was very vague.

  4. @austodavicus: Thanks for the great comment, much appreciated. About politicians, I feel similar to you. They are either self-serving scum (the majority) or the minority of truly benevolent rulers. The latter are handcuffed by the a-hole majority. It's a sad world...