Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reversal of Fortune?

So, after my recent bout of downishness, I decided to go to Wednesday Night Castles & Crusades at All Things Fun! in West Berlin, NJ.

I live rather far from this great store, as I've no doubt lamented on this blog in the past. However, my new place of employment is not too far from ATF, so it's no longer a stretch for me to get to the store! My new circumstances have put the "L" back into FLGS!

The mastermind behind the Circle of Dar Janix blog, Rich, is running a great C&C game there on Wednesday nights, I have to say! I met Rich and another player, Wesley, at TrollCon East. I was glad to be reunited with them, to say the least!

All in all, the three of us had a blast! I look forward to gaming with them again soon! It was great to be a player again, since I'm usually running games instead. I whipped up a half-elf paladin for the occasion, and Rich led Wesley's illusionist Struan and my character (named Drance, of course!) through the latter-day version of City State of the Invincible Overlord for about three hours!

If anyone else in the realms around ATF wants to get into a great game, I suggest you stop by on a Wednesday night and check things out!


  1. Very cool!

    Since you're playing C&C, I was wondering if you could give a quick summary of your experiences with the rules? I've been running an old-school 1E AD&D game and the players liked the idea of Old School, but over time they have decided they'd rather use another rules set, specifically one with a core mechanic similar to the d20 system.

    We don't want to use full-blown d20/Pathfinder for this game (we already have one of those). This is supposed to be "rules light."

    Would you recommend C&C?


  2. Martin, the rules are very modular, and can be as simple or complex as you like! What I mean is, now that the Castle Keeper's Guide is out, you have a lot of optional rules to use. BUT, I would recommend just starting out with the base system described in the Player's Handbook and get used to that.

    The C&C attribute check system is simple, definitely simpler than what you found in D&D 3.5 of course. Besides that, combat can also be as simple or complex as you want it to be. As I said, the system is really very modular. Bottom line, I think your players will like it.

    Yeah, if you're like me, D&D 3.5/d20/Pathfinder are just too much in the rules area to handle! If you want something similar but lighter, C&C is your best bet! Good luck, let me know if you decide to use C&C going forward. I'd love to hear your experiences.

  3. BTW, Martin, I've been reading those AD&D recaps of yours, and they're great stuff!

  4. This is really helpful - thanks! I really think that C&C might be the way to go for our more light-hearted Friday night old-school games. I'm also getting kind of interested in the new DCC game that's coming out soon (or maybe it's already out - I'm not entirely sure). I think it's also d20 based so it should be relatively easy to figure out the rules.

    One of the things I'm really looking for is easy NPC statting, and fast moving combat.

    I'll definitely let you know what we decide to do, and of course I'll post about it on my blog.

    Glad you're enjoying the AD&D recaps! Sadly, that game has ended, but we'll be starting a new one soon-ish, probably using S4: Lost Shrine of Tsojcanth.