Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TrollCon East in Words and Pictures!

So, I'm taking a break from my job hunting (doing pretty well so far...got my updated resume together and I'm putting my networking skills into overdrive!), and I've downloaded some photos from my cellphone that I took at TrollCon East the other night.

Here's a shot of the mountain of C&C stuff the Trolls brought with them (every time I see this one I imagine a choir of angels singing):

Yes, that is indeed a fat stack of Castle Keeper Guides at the top of that pyramid of awesomeness!

The next pic is a shot of the Troll Lord himself, Steve Chenault, serving as Castle Keeper at the head of the table! You can see he improvised a CK screen! I feel like in this shot Steve's saying "I'm coming for you next!" to a hapless player!

Actually, that can't be farther from the truth! Steve ran a great game on Saturday night (the night I attended the Con), and he was the epitome of the cool gamemaster! It really was a great experience to meet him and his fellow Troll, Tim Burns. Steve was outgoing and hilarious, and he never tired of talking to all of us about C&C as well as other stuff, such as how much he loves the Dogfights show on the History Channel, and how Arkansas and New Jersey share a connection because both states are the targets of a lot of jokes!

All in all, Steve and Tim were so down to earth. I could really tell they were so passionate about their game system, and roleplaying in general. The fact that they came all the way out to New Jersey for this relatively small Con is a testament to their dedication and appreciation of the people who love their system. I have to say, they've won me over! I was dabbling in the system before, but now I'm officially a C&C convert!

You can read the Troll's blog post here for a wrap up of the Con, as well as some some images. I'm in this particular photo (I'm all the way to the left of the shot, the guy with the dark hair in the green sweatshirt).

Anyway, once I get back on my feet with a new job, I'll definitely be converting my current campaign to C&C!

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  1. Nice recap and pics, Drance! Hope you get on yer feet and C&C'ing soon enough. :)