Thursday, March 3, 2011

Status Update: Staying the Course

So I am currently sitting at my old desk at my former employer for the last time...the desk is bare, and I am thinking about the last six years of my life that I spent here...lots of ups and downs in that time. At any rate, I left on very good terms, so they've allowed me a lot of time to print out portfolio materials, use their resources, etcetera. I am very grateful, and wish the company well.

But enough of that maudlin crap! I have gone full steam ahead on the job hunt, and I already have an interview coming up! Only three days in, and already I've got a great prospect. That's a personal record!

And in my spare moments, I am dreaming of the near future and my return to top gaming form! I've been sort of flailing lately with my campaign's setting and rules system, but recent events (and player opinion) have convinced me to gird the old loins and stay focused. So, the campaign will stay on Golarion for the nonce, and we will be shifting to Castles & Crusades. And I am determined that those will be the only major changes for a good, long while! In addition, I am making a concerted effort to fend off Gamer ADD, should it rear its ugly head again!

Well, that's all for now. As always, happy gaming!

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