Friday, November 1, 2013

End-of-Week Elmore (11/1/13)

Oh lady of fortunes, pierce the veil of time for me,
Cast your gaze on my days to come,
And perchance glimpse a moment of future,
Be it a happy shade or spectre of gloom...
Not gonna lie, folks. I miss roleplaying. I don't think there will be a time in my life when I will ever not miss the hobby.
Even over the long years that I "left roleplaying behind for good," I missed it. In every book I read, in every film and TV show I watched, I saw the plot playing out on a game table. It was because of this nagging, unshakeable love for roleplaying that I finally came to my senses, and realized it was inevitable that I would return to the table. And I did so.
But now, I'm looking at the strong possibility of another considerable hiatus from the hobby. Perhaps nothing like the decade-plus dry spell I just came out of a couple years ago, but still an absense of some significance.
Again, this is a self-imposed exile of sorts, for a good cause: my personal advancement. I have aspirations that will take up my time, folks. I am exploring the beginnings of a new phase of my life. I want to dive in to my new ambitions whole-heartedly. I want to give them all of my focus, all of my effort, and make something new in my life.
But roleplaying will be there, within me. Waiting patiently. As it always has, and always will.


  1. I appreciate your search into a new side of yourself, Drance. It's healthy, to be sure. However, you and your rolling skills will and are missed at ATF. BUT you need to see this through. Ill make sure to insert your character into the fray as a polite homage to your skills and dedication to our group's continued adventuring and well-being. Do stay in touch, and all the best as this new chapter begins. The group and I wish you all the success and luck we can roll. -Sir Hamelot :D

  2. Hi Wes, and thanks for the comment. I miss the ATF gang very much. I was really happy to see during my last rare visit to the store that the group has seen a recent growth spurt! As my current situation has caused my participation to wane, I'm glad that the overall group's fortunes seem to be waxing!

    This isn't all to say that I won't ever make an appearance at ATF on a Wednesday here and there in the future. But it will most definitely be in the role of player (heh heh, see what I did there?). My, life adventure or whatever you want to call it precludes me from GMing up to my usual standards.

    I don't know how long my current trail is going to be, but I know I have to travel it. If I don't, I'll regret it. And activities such as roleplaying would lose their luster if I was forever plagued with the "what if..."

    1. I think it's wise you see the importance of irl 'adventure' participation. While I also find gaming exceedingly refreshing and a necessary creative balance to my everyday life and its typically hectic schedule, I realize the importance of owning and controlling my own REAL life first.

      Heck, I basically disappeared for entire summers for work and for like a year straight because of my participation with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program (which I am still in, but on a different night, so now I can be a role model AND game.) But I need both experiences in my life, so I am completely sympathetic AND proud that another C&C team mate as decided to re-evaluate their role (nya HA!) and make a positive change.

      Blathering aside, stay on this road until you make the change you know you want and need. Satisfy that 'what if,' good-sir. And, like I said, my current adventure can easily incorporate a...jeez, 8th additional player now?! You're always welcome at the table.

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