Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Early-Morning Clarity, Personal Growth, and Roleplaying - Part 2

That horizon looks ever so inviting, does it not?
So, following on from my first post in this two-parter...
Last post, I spewed some stream-of-consciousness stuff about wanting an RPG for busy adults...didn't really get any advice from the community, so...just wondering if there's any advice out there...
Anyway, onto this here current post. I'm ramping things up in my life, folks. I'm increasing my participation in extracurriculars that I hope will open new opportunities for my career as well as me as an individual soul. Suffice to say I'm seeking greater success and peace of mind/soul in my life. I won't get into all the particulars, but I'm increasing my opportunities to educate myself and broaden my opportunities and horizons.
So, therefore, something has to give, and unfortunately I think that has to be some aspect of my roleplaying life. I think it means I need to put my very-young, recently-started Dragon Age campaign on hold. I think it means I need to shift back to being a player when I can make it to Wednesday nights at the FLGS. Hey, any roleplaying is good roleplaying, I say!
Look, I'm not crying over here. It's my choice to participate in activities in my spare time that take away from my RPG time, especially my ability to be a GM. If I can't GM up to my own standards, I won't do it. I think my group will understand. I miss my fellow gamers very much, I haven't seen them in over a month!
Ironically, despite all of my stuff going on, I think I'm going to have time to make this here blog into a "pro-Dragonlance" blog of sorts. You'll see what I mean...stay tuned.


  1. I jumped into the OSR to blow off steam from real life, so I hear where you're coming from. I'm mid PhD, changing jobs, and just became a dad, so realistically I don't have time to play around but mentally I NEED to amuse myself. That's why I have a poetry blog and started my OSR one this summer after years of lurking. Do it on your own terms and time, let it enhance RL and not distract or hinder the career.

    As for game system for busy adults, why not get some board games? There's 'Delve' if you want dungeon crawling, or even Munchkin, and one session of Arkham Horror is as good as a CoC campaign. I use San Juan at work (university ESL teacher), and the simple mechanics yet deep gameplay scratch my itch while paying my bills.

    Best of luck in finding your balance.

  2. Tedankhamen: Talk about putting things in perspective! I'm not going after a PhD at the moment, so what's MY excuse for being "too busy," right?! ;-) Seriously, though, a wise friend of mine said to me recently "don't let what you like get in the way of what you love." He was responding to my moanings about not having time for roleplaying because of all my other aspirations in my "real" life, while I simultaneously raved about all the stuff I want to accomplish in life (like find a career that makes me feel like I'm giving back to society rather than making a CEO rich, etc). At first I joked with him and said "oh, so I should just devote my life to roleplaying, eh?!" But I eventually conceded that he had a point: I need to remember that I have my priorities straight (i.e. real life is more important, duh!), and that's a good thing. Roleplaying will be there when I'm ready to return. Actually, I was able to make it to my Wednesday night group last night, so that was cool to be back as a player.

    Anyway, thanks for the well-wishes!

  3. P.S., Tedankhamen: congrats on the birth of your child!

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