Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Ancient Kingdoms in my hands!

A thousand thanks to Jonathan Becker for sending me a copy of his new game, Five Ancient Kingdoms! All praise to you, effendi! Congrats again to you for your accomplishment! It's a nice little package, with three books and those cool dice! Feast your eyes!

In the near future I hope to write up a more detailed exploration/review of the game. Hopefully it won't take me a thousand and one nights ;-)


  1. Looks like it made it through the post all right...I'm elated!

    You'll notice your copy didn't include the "mini-adventure." That's because it hadn't yet been printed at the time of mailing (and because I wasn't initially certain I was going to include it). If you like, I can send you a PDF of the thing. Let me know!
    : )

    1. Sure, a PDF of the adventure would be great. I figured it had something to do with printing. No worries.