Friday, June 21, 2013

End-of-Week Elmore (6/21/13)

Imagine this white dragon saying "Chill out!" with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. 

Happy first day of summer, folks! I hope that, like the cleric pictured above, you "stay cool" during the upcoming hot months. Well, I suppose that since he's cast "Resist Cold" on himself he's not really cool because of the white dragon's breath. BUT, his stoic demeanor in the face of a dragon's breath attack does, in fact, seem to be cool. So, it works.
Anyway, speaking of cool, I was in Minneapolis earlier this week for a work conference (an awesome little city, if you ask me). Thus the lack of posting. However, I'm still obsessing over Mentzer. My desire is to go back and read the Basic, Expert, and Companion sets individually (I've no real interest in the Master and Immortals sets, and according to other blogs I've read I won't be missing much if I skip those). THEN, I would love to read my copy of the Rules Cyclopedia. Because, you know, I have SO much free time to do all of the aforementioned reading. Uh yeah, not so much. But tell that to the irrational segment of my brain.
If somehow I finally fulfil my urge to do a comprehensive reading of Mentzer, I want to do some posts regarding my impressions, especially how it stacks up against my experience with Labyrinth Lord. At this point, I love the utility of LL, but balanced against that is the nostalgia and gravitas that come with the thought of playing "actual" D&D with D&D books...and of course, the associated blasphemy of enjoying Elmore's art.
But who am I kidding right now? As it is, with everything going on in my life right now, it's all I can do just to plan and run my current Labyrinth Lord campaign! Speaking of which, I need to do a recap post of session 2...not to mention finish up some proofreading for a *ahem* certain OSR client I will not name here. Gotta get my priorities straight and get some stuff of the old plate. Oh well, I guess life would be boring if it wasn't so busy, right? 
Well, that's all for now, people. Have a great weekend! 

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