Thursday, January 24, 2013

Remember the Heroes (& Other Worlds)!

Hey there, folks. Been getting my ass handed to me by work, but I wanted to check in. So, I read that the Sword & Shield blog is going on hiatus. I hope it's not a long one, and I wish the good man called "Fenway5" the best, and hope to hear more from that amiable chap soon! Our RPG blog community is like a slow-to-reproduce race of beings: every loss is a big one. 
He has other blogs, however...especially one dedicated to his Heroes & Other Worlds (HOW) game. I'm a customer, by the way! I bought HOW, which is based on The Fantasy Trip RPG and inspired by B/X D&D.
I haven't had time to really read it and give it a proper review, but I wanted to share some "inspirational photos" of the game. I think the book is gorgeous and oozes with old-school flavor! What I've read of the rules intrigues me. The style of art and layout makes me think of British RPGs like Advanced Fighting Fantasy or Dragon Warriors, games that I've had a hankering to play one day.
So take a look at the photos below, and do yourself a favor and grab a copy for yourself!

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  1. Thanks very much for taking time to mention my game, and I very much appreciate your support! I hope you get a chance to read over and the play the game at some point, I have much more to come!