Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thinking about Gen Con 2012 and D&D

I'm reading on several other blogs about Gen Con, and I wonder if I should make more of an effort to get there someday. Perhaps next year. This is a tough time of year for me, with both of my kid's birthday's falling around mid-August. But perhaps next year I can get to Gen Con...I just need to remember to work for that opportunity. Plan in advance, which is something I fail to do more often than not.

At any rate, as I dream about what it must be like, I notice that the keynote presentation tonight (8/16/12) concerns (*fanfare* da da da daaaaa!) The Future of Dungeons & Dragons! Apparently you can go here tonight at 7 PM EDT to access live streaming of the presentation. I think I'm going to "tune in."

I've downloaded both playtest packets but have only skimmed them, and certainly have not run any games using the playtest rules, due to lack of time to do that and run my regular campaigns. But I am still hopeful for good things for the future of the game and the brand name.

Fingers crossed.

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