Monday, April 21, 2014

Some Dragonlance love on the blogosphere at io9!

Enjoy some non-Elmore Dragonlance art, emphasis on the beefcake
So, as I predicted this past Friday, my wacky brain has shifted direction once again when it comes to choice of campaign setting for my next stint as GM (whenever the heck that would actually happen).
Yes, I've swung back to Dragonlance. And a voice welled up inside of me to scold me on the subject, saying: "Hey stunad, didn't you promise in a post last October to make your blog a bastion of Dragonlance love for the OSR crowd?"
(note: those readers of non-Italian descent may have to Google the term "stunad") 
Why yes, I replied to that inner voice, I did indeed state such an intention, and have been found sorely lacking. Hand me the hair shirt, my penance shall begin anon.
Ahem. ANYway...I think it's time again for me to revisit that intention. To that end, I did some web surfing on the subject, and came upon this interesting bit of Dragonlance love over at i09:

An interesting read, but I'm not holding my breath of course.

So, please excuse me while I go get my Dragonlance mojo worked up. See you on Krynn, folks.


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    1. OH YEAH! Thanks for the encouragement! Hmm, more incentive to be a light in the dark for Dragonlance...