Friday, April 25, 2014

End-of-Week Elmore (4/25/14)

Love this illo! But it makes me miss roleplaying. *sigh* But all is not gloom! I've purchased the Dungeon! board game recently and have played it with the family! The kids liked it a lot, my wife a bit less (she's not a big gamer). Once we play a couple more times, I'll let you know more about our misadventures with the game.
So far, we've only played Dungeon! once. The kids haven't commented yet about the difference between actual roleplaying and playing a board game that is basically a "watered-down dungeon crawl." But I'm sure that the difference will become clearer and clearer as time goes on.
Well, that's all I gots for you today, kids. Have a great weekend! If you're getting up to some gaming, roll some polys for yours truly.


  1. I had forgotten about Dungeon! After reading your post I immediately went to Amazon to get a copy. Thanks for bringing back great memories.

    I'm a big Elmore fan. It was the painting that got my attention!

    1. @Blackwarden: Hey, glad I could jog your memory when it comes to Dungeon! And I can't argue with another Elmore fan! You have good taste, my friend!

      I took a look at your blogs, and I will be watching with great interest as you write about your return to roleplaying. If you have a chance, take a read of my own testimonial on this blog:*

      I can definitely relate to your long absence from roleplaying, as I went through the same sort of thing. Some aspects of what your wrote on your blog so far are very familiar to me, so I'm glad to meet another kindred spirit in the gaming blogosphere!

  2. I remember saving up my allowance for 4 weeks to buy Dungeon! No easy feat when there was a liquor store at the end of the street with .10 candy.

    Ever think of mixing it up and doing End-of-Week Erol?

    1. I've done End-of-Week posts feature other artists in the past, and I would definitely consider some Erol Otus! I started the Friday posts when I saw another blog (Beyond the Black Gate?) doing Friday Frazetta. Elmore's my favorite fantasy artist besides the late great Keith Parkinson, so I decided to do End-of-Week Elmore! If you want to see the other artists I've featured, go here:*