Thursday, May 31, 2012

Z is for Zone

Zone as in being "in the zone."

So, my last post in the A to Z Challenge...although, I've left the true "rules" of the Challenge far behind, since you're supposed to wrap this up in April. But, like I said in earlier posts, I'm doing things my way, so screw it.

Depressingly, someone left a comment on one of my A to Z posts that basically said they generally ignore A to Z posts. Which did in fact leave me somewhat depressed, and sometimes made me wonder why I was even bothering.

Indeed, during my Challenge posting this month, I've had less hits for my posts/blog in general than I've had in a long time. Traffic was way down. So, all of this is making me wonder why people do this Challenge. Or maybe I'm just avoiding some truth about myself. That truth, much to my fear, may be that I've really got nothing to say of value to potential readers! Ok, I'm trying to stay positive, but it does make one wonder. I am not a hugely prolific blogger, as you know, and I'm not so sure of the value of my posts, but I'm trying to believe I have something to contribute.

ANYway, all such dark thoughts aside, you may be wondering about this "zone" I'm in. Well, I have a great new Labyrinth Lord campaign going with some cool players. There's some buzz going on in the FLGS where I run my game, with the ever-present potential of having newbs join the fun. Yes, I may have to leave the campaign blog I created somewhat stagnant, but having a good campaign trumps all, you know? My focus needs to be on the campaign, nuff said.

The other part of my "zone" mentality is my regular life beyond gaming. I need to step up and take more initiative with my work, my family, my house (which is in need of some repairs!), and my health (both mental and physical). Tomorrow is June 1st, my starting date for making some new strides in all aspects of my life.

So, wish me luck in the days ahead as I recommit to making my gaming life and my real life even better. Thanks for reading, whoever may be!


  1. "That truth, much to my fear, may be that I've really got nothing to say of value to potential readers!"

    The question is whether it's of value to you; potential readers are an afterthought. At least, that's how I look at blogging. I consider my blog to be just a kind of "open journal" that I use as a way to crystalize and regiment my thoughts about D&D. If other people find what I have to say interesting and want to comment on it, great; if not, so be it. It serves its purpose for me either way.

  2. @Chris: thanks for some much-needed perspective. I like to whine about doom and gloom, but I need to remember that this isn't a popularity contest. I too view the blog as an "open journal," but for some reason I lose sight of that now and again. I guess I'm only really bothered when the posts in which I pose questions to the community don't get comments. I wish I would get more feedback for those posts. I have a topic tag for questions that I wish people would dig through more often. Ah well, if wishes were fishes, right?

  3. Hey there - so I think I've mentioned this before, but I pretty much do about 99% of my blog reading these days via my iPad through Flipboard, so I'm not sure how Blogger tracks those views in terms of stats. I haven't looked at my stats forever! But, I've read all of your A-Z posts.

    The other problem is, since I'm reading the posts through Flipboard, commenting is a pain and I have been doing it less and less, which sucks because as a fellow blogger, I know how much I enjoy it when people comment on my posts. So, I'll try to do better. :)


  4. @Martin: thanks for the comment, my friend! Good to hear from you, hope all is well! Understood with the iPad issue and commenting. It's good to hear that you're still out there keeping an eye on me ;-)