Tuesday, May 22, 2012

U is for Unknown

As in the famous B1: In Search of the Unknown module, through which my Labyrinth Lord group is exploring.

In a recent Grognardia post, James Maliszewski wrote:

 I think the word "new" gets overused, mostly by the jaded. By that I mean that the cry for "the new" is often a function of what one has experienced. Sure, for many gamers who've been playing for three decades, "goblin raiders" or "excursions into the underdeep" may be old hat, but not everyone has been playing for that long. For a lot of younger and/or less experienced folks, The Keep on the Borderlands or The Village of Hommlet is new. And, for us older and more experienced players, seeing a new spin on these old adventures can be just as fun.

I definitely agree. As someone who's been playing for over two decades but never played Basic D&D, modules like B1 have been a subject of mystery for me. I've never explored them, nor has my group of players, so we get to experience these classic, oft-referenced works for the first time, decades after their release.

I feel truly blessed with near-limitless resources, because I have the old modules to use as well as the plethora of new published game materials that are coming out all the time. And though I never really used modules in my youth, the busy "adult-me" (with my limited free time) is grateful for modules and such to use as inspiration.

I for one am glad to be a part of a grand tradition of gaming, as I help to bring new life to a sinister dungeon delve of yore.

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