Friday, May 25, 2012

X is for Xenomorph

I'm sure I'm not alone in the blogosphere when it comes to my anticipation for the upcoming film Prometheus. Sure, the movie might not feature the classic beastie commonly called the Xenomorph from the Alien movies, but it is still part of the universe/mythology of the Alien series.

What does this have to do with gaming, you ask? Well, can't most of the D&D monsters be considered xenomorphs of some kind? Those monsters can be considered "alien" when compared to the standard PC races, right? Especially what came to be known as aberrations in 3rd Edition, such as beholders, aboleths, and the like. Heck, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks had actual aliens in it, correct?

This also reminds me of a great-looking cover for a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG module:

Is that creature awesome and terrifying or what? I've had my doubts about DCC RPG in the past, but from what others have said and from my own glimpses of the final product, it has definitely grown on me. I can see the dedication that Goodman Games put into the game. My main issue all along has been the hype machine that Goodman had going with this game the entire time during development, compared to the humble and classy creation process of the equally-cool Adventurer Conqueror King system. I'm still not completely comfortable with the Zocchi dice thing, but that's just me.

But the existence of such a lovingly-tailored old school-style game makes me feel good about the hobby! I think it's a good bet that I'll add a hard copy of DCC to my collection sometime in the near future.

ANYway, my point with the DCC module cover is, that creature is a true xenomorph of the gaming world, my friends. Why settle for the same old orcs when you can throw THAT thing at your players? As time goes on in my renewed roleplaying career, I feel an urge to use less familiar, or entirely home-made, creatures in my games. I'm curious: what non-standard monsters have you used/encountered in your games?

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