Monday, May 7, 2012

O is for Overture

As in the beginning or prelude of something. As in, the first night of my Labyrinth Lord campaign was a great one! 

I had three players, one who I've been gaming with for over a year, one for a couple months, and one for the second time ever. So it was an interesting mix of players. I hope to have more players join up, especially the wife of one of the players. There was also a fellow who came up to our table at the end of the session who was pretty animated when he asked what we were playing, but he didn't express direct desire to join the game. But the potential is there.

So, here's a shot of my pre-game set up, with character sheets and spare copies of the original Labyrinth Lord rules ready for the players. And of course there's the awesome official LL referree screen!

And here's a look behind the screen, where you can see my copy of the revised LL rules and of course my GM's binder, chock full of all sorts of goodies for use by yours truly. And there's my pile o' dice (a humble number of polyhedrals, I know) and a container of water for when my throat gets parched from all that GMing.

So we spent a good hour talking about/rolling up characters, going over the "social contract" for the game, a discussion of the LL system and my house rules, and introducing the group to the campaign's setting. After that, I set the party loose on the world. It was a humble start, with the players getting their bearings, getting used to some aspects of the rules that were unfamiliar, and all that first-session stuff that you encounter. But I expect things to pick up once we get a few more sessions under our belts.

Oh, and I'm running them through the old B1: In Search of the Unknown D&D module (with some modifications)! If my players read this, just remember: it's only hurting you if you try to read through this module (though the thing is out of print ;-).

So, that's all for now. Can't wait for this Wednesday night for our second session!

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