Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paragons of Waterdeep: Session 14

Session 14 was the first session of 2012, and I found myself with three of my four regular players, which was great! Due to the holiday season and various other reasons, we’ve been missing some game nights, so it was nice to have most of the gang back together.

So therefore, this session was something of a regrouping adventure. After the group shook up the nest of troglodytes under an abandoned elven tower in the High Forest and were subsequently overwhelmed, they retreated back to where they had left the rest of their party. On the way, they met up with Player Jamie’s thief Milo. Together, they found that the rest of the party they had left behind had gone west to return to the Spring Dawn clan. The players (Pam and Bill in addition to Jamie) decided to take their splinter group and return to the clan as well, as they felt they had done all they could in their effort to divert the Autumn Blade clan’s raids.

Their journey back to the clan was uneventful, and it was a happy reunion once the party rejoined the Spring Dawn encampment. Kale the elven ranger was once again reunited with all of her fellow Daughters of Mielikki, the clan’s elite group of rangers. And Leela (an NPC), the cleric Oisin’s fellow Lathanderite, was there to greet them. She seemed in much better spirits, somewhat more recovered from her traumatic injuries suffered when fighting an ankheg in a previous session.

The party discussed the future of the clan, and quickly realized that a new leader (or voantir) had to be chosen soon. There was some difference of opinion among who should take on the position. None of the surviving family of the last voantir were willing or prepared to assume the mantle. Though the members of the group had traditionally sworn not to take any role in the politics of the clan, the Daughters of Mielikki (Kale included) thought that the current circumstances called for a break with tradition. The obvious choice would have been Breonna, the leader of the rangers who had been de facto leader of the clan since the voantir’s death.

But Breonna was reluctant, and some of the other rangers thought others among their number might be better serve. This included Kale, who found that several of her sisters would support her should she choose to seek the position. There was some more discussion and eventually a vote, and Breonna was designated as the choice. She left the group to speak of the decision with the dead voantir’s family.

With the clan now in a much safer place, and with the promise of a new and stronger leader, the PC’s decided it was time to head back to Waterdeep. They decided they would head west to the City of Splendors, from which they had been absent for almost a month. The next morning, after the announcement to the clan of the truth of the voantir’s demise and the ascension of Breonna as the new leader, the party departed. They made their way to a small trading outpost called Beliard. The rough settlement boasted only one inn, The Watchful Knight, the largest of the wooden structures in the outpost.

The inn’s proprietor, a grizzled old human woman, was quite vociferous about her distrust of elves, so she kept a squinty eye on Kale. The old woman insisted that elves had stolen her child as an infant and has left an elven child as a changeling. Kale was none too pleased with the old woman, but her anger was somewhat placated by a halfling named Yollo. The halfling is the proprietor’s helper, and showed the party to their rooms. Along the way, Yollo regaled them about a recent spate of cattle slaughterings. He told them of large and strange tracks found near the carcasses, and then left them to unpack their belongings and then take meals in the inn’s common room.

To be continued…

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