Friday, February 21, 2014

D&D@40 Blog Hop: Day 21

Day 21: First time you sold some of your D&D books.

Well...I've never sold D&D books. Ever! I've sold lots of books from other RPG systems, but never D&D books. Just never had the desire to do so. I can't even part ways with my 3rd Edition core books, despite the fact that I will probably never play it again.
I've only ever "lost" D&D books over the years. As our old group split up, some of our books just went to different people in the group. AND, much to our eternal unhappiness, one of our friends went "hard-core Christian" and somehow "disposed" of a huge bulk of our D&D stuff! Ugh. I hate to think about it even to this day. It was like our own personal RPG Inquisition! I forgave him long ago, but the pain lingers on...
Wait! Maybe that trauma is what keeps me from getting rid of D&D books! 
I think I just had a breakthrough!
P.S. Despite the fact that I used the image above that depicts a book burning, I don't think the guy burned our books. I think he just threw them in the trash. Just as bad, though, in the end.


  1. I don't think I have ever actually known of any true D&D book burning. I am sure it happened somewhere, but at this point it seems more like something old Grognards tell younger gamers to frighten them.

  2. Unfortunately, coming from a very extreme form of the Baptist faith (from which I eventually escaped), I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a D&D book burning having happened on multiple occasions. Sure, I also never experienced one personnally, and no one I know ever mentioned experiencing such a thing...but I'm sure it's happened somewhere!

  3. I do believe my friend (the guy I mentioned in Day 17) when he told me his parents burned his books, even though I wasn't present at said burning. Afterward, his parents wanted me to burn my D&D books. That's what they said, "burn." Not "get rid of." "Burn." They were pretty extreme in their beliefs, so they weren't kidding around.