Monday, February 10, 2014

D&D@40 Blog Hop: Days 8, 9, and 10

Sorry, gang. Been busy with life junk, you know how it is. Therefore, got backed up with the Blog Hop posts. So, for your edification, here's my posts for days 8 through 10!
Day 8: First set of polyhedral dice you owned. Do you still use them?
I was gifted my first set of dice by one of my good friends in my original game group as a youth. We were all friends before roleplaying entered our lives, so there was charity and good will all around! Those old dice are lost to the ages, however :-(  Why? Well, I went through a phase where I foolishly made myself believe I was done with roleplaying. So I think I gave the dice back to the old group before we disbanded forever, when adulthood took us all in different, distant directions.
Day 9: First campaign setting (homebrew or published) you played in.
As cash-strapped teens, my original group played in homebrewed worlds most of the time. Here's a tidbit you might find entertaining: as a young lad, yours truly once created a world I dubbed "Anthonis." Yes, that's right. I basically named an imaginary world after myself, in a very awkward-sounding way I might add. The height of hubris, eh? Well, perhaps...but who doesn't want a world named after them, eh? ;-)

Seriously, as a kid with lots of free time, I did indeed whip up a few worlds, with maps I drew myself and all the trimmings devised by my fevered little imagination! Those were the days of frenetic, joyous creation, no doubt!
Day 10: First gaming magazine you ever bought (Dragon, Dungeon, White Dwarf, etc.)

Why, Dragon Magazine, of course! It was the emperor-publication of my gaming universe! What a gateway for strange new roleplaying horizons! It was what brought my attention to a community of like-minded individuals beyond my tiny suburban town. Ah, what a wonderful, awesome thought that was, to know I wasn't alone out there! It introduced me to games beyond D&D (the spectrum of Pallasium's games, and perhaps most of all my beloved Amber Diceless RPG!) It was like pizza: even when it wasn't great, it was still good!

There you have it, kids! See you tomorrow!

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