Friday, January 31, 2014

End-of-Week Elmore (1/31/14)

This week, Larry serves up some halfling cheesecake! Hope your gaming is plentiful and fulfilling, dear readers! Until we meet again, happy roleplaying, ya'll!


  1. See, this is why I can't have halflings in my game. Either they're too much of a hobbit ripoff--and unless I'm running a game in Middle Earth, I don't want hobbits in my game--or else they're just child-sized elves, and what's the point of that? I've already got dwarves and gnomes for my "mini-people" slot. Bah! Bah, I say! ;)

  2. Because Halflings are DEE-LICIOUS!!!

  3. Say what you want, but she's the reason I keep an "Enlarge Person" spell handy. LOL

    1. But why enlarge a halfling when you can have an elf for free? ;)

      I forgot to mention that I do enjoy settings that feature halflings as murderous psychopaths, like the cannibal halflings of Athas, or the truly terrifying Lady Elizabeth Lack-Heart worshipers of Raphael Chandler's ouvre.

  4. Ok let's face facts here: a Larry Elmore halfling translates to "kender." You know that's what she is!!

  5. This was always one of my favorite Elmore pics...