Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where are Matt and Jeff?

Within the last few months, there have been those in the gaming blogosphere who have wondered if the OSR is losing least, the blogging end of the OSR. I've tended heavily toward disagreement with that assessment. Things seem alive and well to me. Yes, perhaps posting for many bloggers has slowed (Grognardia being one of those, which has caused no shortage of nervousness), but I don't think that heralds an impending doom. Popular opinion also states that the rise of Google+ has drawn folks away from the blog format. I'm sure there's some truth to that, but still, I don't see a Grim Reaper headed toward the RPG blogosphere.
However, of late something has grown more disturbing to me: the long silence at Jeff's Gameblog and Mythmere's Blog. Does anyone know how things are going for Jeff Rients and Matt Finch these days? I'm sure both of them are working on OSR projects, but still...when two pillars of the movement are so quiet, it's not hard for some to come to bad conclusions about the health of said movement. Anyway, any updates on how things are going for both of them would be appreciated. Thanks, all.


  1. Jeff moved and started grad school, so I expect he's seriously busy with classes and the like at present. He may even be teaching.

  2. Jeff is also working on Broodmother Sky Fortress for LotFP.

  3. Matt's been working on his contributions to the S&W HC Kickstarter. I expect he'll be back to blogging soonish.

  4. There're still more blogs than I have time to read...

    Dude, I might have stayed in school if J.R. was my teacher.

    Oh, and I hate g+, not so much for what it is, just that I don't use it and that's were all the cool kids are these days.

  5. I suspect Jeff was spirited away to Mars and he will return with a princess on each arm and pockets overflowing with gold and jewels.

  6. Not a fan of g+ myself. As for Jeff and Matt, I think it's a simple case of "life gets in the way" . . . sometimes.

    They'll be back.

    (Whether that's a warning or a statement of faith . . . I'll let YOU decide!) ROFL

  7. I've slowed down a lot -- just the natural mood cycle -- and everything's been on these Kickstarters. Getting a Swords & Wizardry version of Rappan Athuk was big, and then there's the revision on the Monster Book, errata on the rulebook, introductory module, and those f**king cards we offered people on the Kickstarter. Incredibly. Boring. to. Write. Which is why the info on the cards has value to the DM -- let someone else be bored by the scutwork -- but I am never doing a set of cards again if I can avoid it.

    So, that's basically the story. I have to go through a period of being a responsible, professional writer for the game, and then once I'm done with the Kickstarter materials I can get back to the less structured, more fun stuff.

    I had some serious, serious creative block on the intro module, but it's finally pulling together very fast.

    1. Hello Matt, thanks for stopping by! I hope you know that my post wasn't an indictment in any way toward you or Jeff! It definitely was born of concern. Good to hear from you, and I pretty much knew it was due to being busy and the "mood cycle" you mention.