Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Cities of Mystery

What's worse than a Monday? A Monday that comes after a holiday weekend. Blech. Anyway, due to Thanksgiving goodness I missed my End-of-Week Elmore posting last Friday. So today's Monday Inspiration makes up for that. The above image was created by Larry Elmore for the 1989 Cities of Mystery box set. I've always like this one a lot. To me, it always suggested young adventurers, just starting their careers, stumbling across one of their first encounters with danger.


  1. This is exactly why I often become bored with high level characters. Reach the point where your character is nigh unkillable and . . . who cares?

    Low level characters always offer the most thrill, because they can die so easily.

    Mid-level characters are more fun because they can still die quite easily, but can "finally" dish out some damage too.

    This module is designed for "good times!"

  2. This picture to me says low-level, but also new-player. "Of course we have our swords out when we walk around town at night."

    But it's one of those images like the old lady/young lady that you can see two ways. From one perspective it's a pair of heroic Fighter-types about to enter their first combat encounter even before they leave town. Looked at another way, it's a pair of Thieves about to perform their first mugging. Maybe they're going to do the dungeon too, but want to get some crime in before they go.

    This encounter decides which party, or neither or both, ends up dungeoneering. Which may be an interesting method for generating a PC party instead of the DCC "troupe of losers" method.