Thursday, June 28, 2012

WotC & Words: Underountain!

(my Photoshop edit in traditional proofreader red)

Either they forgot the "m" or it's some strange dwarf pronunciation:
"We're off ta Under'ountain, laddies!"

So while I was playing in my pal Bill's Savage World of Solomon Kane game last night, I chanced to look over at an advertisement for Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault sitting on the table.

I'm a word nerd. I make my living writing/editing. I am proud of my ability to spot grammar mistakes. Part of the trick is remembering that letters are just shapes. When the shapes look wrong to me, that usually means there's a typo.

And lo, I came across "Underountain"! I want to rub it in a bit, now: Ha ha, WotC! The biggest damn word on the ad and you missed that "m"? Awesome.

Ok, childishness over. Incidentally, I caught a boo-boo committed by Goodman Games almost exactly a year ago (and what a boo-boo! Misspelling the name of one of the important figures in the hobby? For shame!)

I know, I'm way too proud of myself about catching these. I'm sulking of late, and I'll do anything to make myself feel better. Now, back to self pity...


  1. There's going to be some quality editing in that project.

  2. Maybe it's UNDERFOUNTAIN.