Monday, April 9, 2012

E is for Effort

Well of course Easter, another E word, interfered with my E entry. I know I'm a bit behind the "official" A to Z Challenge pace. I know that one is supposed to wrap this up in the month of April. I still plan on doing that, but if something causes me to to slip into May...again, I don't care! I'm making this thing my own!

Anyway, EFFORT! I'm making this into a question for the masses: how much effort do you put into prepping for a session, as it relates to time spent prepping? I'd especially like the hear from the Labyrinth Lord people out there.

Me? Well, I'm planning on one hour of prep time for a three-hour session, roughly. Anything more than that, well...I don't really have the time for that. MAYBE I'll do 1.5 hours now and then.

Hope to hear from you crazy kids on this one!


  1. Hey Drance - this might not help you as much since I'm mostly just running Pathfinder these days, but my amount of prep time really varies. It can be as little as 15 minutes to as much as a few hours or more. It's all contingent on what the players did in the previous session and how far I think they might get in the next one.

    Combat-heavy sessions (like, we break at the previous session just when I say, "Roll initiative" so we know there is going to be a combat) tend to take ore time, but even that isn't always true. All RP sessions can also take a lot of prep work.

    I spend a ton of time pretty much every day at least thinking about my game, too, but I'm not counting that as part of my prep time.

    I don't prep too many monsters of. NPCs any more - I mostly just steal them from online or for old modules and Dungeons magazines and file off the serial numbers as needed. So that greatly reduces my prep time.

  2. Hey Martin, thanks for stopping by, and for some insight into how you prep for things.