Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want it all, and I want it now!

Check out Freddie's awesome chainmail gauntlet!
(I'm guessing that everyone is getting my reference here.)

I guess this is an offshoot of my chronic Gamer ADD, and maybe a symptom of limited time to game (although I have to say, for a guy with a family and all, I have been able to game at least once a week for a few months now...which is more than some others can claim). But I feel like I want to run/play so many different games RIGHT NOW! I want to use all those cool systems out there and dabble in multiple genres (fantasy, science fiction, western, etc)! Blargh!

Just needed to vent...

Anyone else feeling this way? Is that a stupid question?

Anyway, tonight is Wednesday Night C&C at All Things Fun! GM Rich is picking up his Invincible Overlord game again, so I will slip back into a player seat this week. Looking forward to it, since there was no game last week. Game on!


  1. Yes. But, you can always create a TPK as an excuse to switch tracks! :)

    Word verif: jesterfu - No explanation necessary! :)

  2. Ah, yes, the good old TPK method of switching to a new game system/setting/campaign. But since my players read this blog, they would be expecting that.

    As for the word verification, I'm picturing a deadly assassin clothed in motley ;-)

  3. My most successful gaming group ever had a deliberate short-campaign model. We'd play agmes that were deliberately intended to only last 3-8 sessions or s, so we could move on to the enxt thing. We'd intersperse it with one-shots to try out new games, and we'd return to campaigns and characters we liked (sometimes over and over again, so the 3-8 session campaigns were like chapters in a longer campaign). That way everyone got to play the games they liked, nobody was stuck with GMing all the time, and everyone was willing to give different things a try.

    And when we did return to familiar campaigns, you could have all kinds of fun killing off another GM's favorite NPC's when you were at the helm.

    This doesn;t jive with the way a lot of other people like to play, but I feel like realistically, most adults just aren;t able or willing to play in year-spanning campaigns anymore.

  4. @asurastar: hmmm, I can actually sort of see some appeal in how you say your group is doing/has done things. I would love to play those years-spanning campaigns that you mention, trust me! I have big dreams about that! But you are probably right in the fact that as adults we are either unwilling or unable to commit, due to responsibilities, shifting schedules, etc.