Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did you know about The One Ring?

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I've been tied up with work. My usual Wednesday night game didn't happen tonight, so I'm at home and tooling around the Internet, thinking about what to post since it's been too long since I last wrote something here. And as I was wandering around, I chanced upon The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild!

Did anyone out there know about this upcoming RPG?! Of course, I am intrigued to no end! One of my fantasies has been to run a campaign in Middle Earth, and apparently I'm not the only one with that hankering! I assumed I would use one of the various incarnations of D&D as the rules behind a Lord of the Rings game, and get some setting help from the MERP books I own and other resources. But this discovery of mine tonight seems to have changed the game, no pun intended!

Anyone have any intel on this? Is anyone as excited as I am? I need a prescription medication for Gamer ADD!

*UPDATE: Go here for more details!


  1. yes. Was a playtester, but can't say anything more yet.

  2. ...Tim, don't make me come over to your blog and spam it until you give me the details I need! Gimme something, man! You can't just say that and then tell me you can't say any more!

  3. I've been chewing my nails for this since I heard about it on a messageboard a while back. Really looking forward to (hopefully)running this. I'll be buying this for sure, unless it uses some really silly system or uses Zocchi Dice ;-) .

  4. Well it was done by the same guy that did the LotR board game. It is designed to fill the gaps between the Hobbit and LotR. Not sure what else I can say. Let me come back in bit. I need to check on what else I can say with out violating my NDA.

  5. Drance, I have been under a rock lately so I haven't heard about it. Thanks for the heads up.

    My early D&D games were set in the "Fourth Age" of Middle-Earth. I only had a few MERP books. I think I still have the one for Gondor lying around somewhere.

    Tim, I guess I will be keeping a closer eye on your blog as well. :)

  6. Thomas: yeah, in my plans to do a Middle-Earth game, I too would set it in the Fourth Age, after the defeat of Sauron! Seems like such fertile soil! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for becoming my latest Follower as well! Creeping up, baby!

  7. I, too, had not heard of this, but it sounds interesting. I'm keen to learn more about it.

    Also, remind me some time to tell you about the 9+ year 4th Age Middle Earth game my buddy Cal ran. It's the longest campaign I've ever played in and basically involved my friend building a campaign to answer the "unanswered questions" left from the Tolkien books. He's a huge Tolkien fan and has read much of the supplement books that Christopher edited, as well as collecting most of the MERP stuff from the 1980s. It was an awesome game.

  8. Martin: WHOA, I would LOVE some details on your friend's Middle Earth campaign! If he doesn't have a blog yet, he should create one just for that! Is he no longer into gaming?

  9. Hey Drance - no, he is still a gamer - he's the "DM" for the Savage Worlds game I'm playing on Tuesday nights, and he's also playing in my "World of Samoth" game and also recently joined my buddy Brian's "Andalusia II" campaign, and was a player in the old-school AD&D/OSRIC game I ran a few months ago.

    However, he doesn't blog at all, doesn't have a Facebook page, won't "follow" or comment on my blog (even though he reads it daily)... basically, he likes his anonymity. :)

    But, I think I have pretty much all of his game summaries (there would probably be over a hundred of them, and that's not including all of the short emails he would send to catch us up when we hadn't played for awhile and he didn't feel like writing a real recap). So, I can go over them and then write you a summary.

    It was super creative - you can read one tiny little tidbit about one aspect of it at my blog here.

    Once you read that little bit, I can tell you that part of what the DM was trying to do was explain how we get from the end of the Middle Earth stories to "real" Earth history, since it's been suggested by many (including Tolkien) that the Middle Earth stories did occur on Earth, in a mythological past.

    Other elements of his game included explaining what happened to the two blue wizards (who are mentioned only in passing), what happened to the dragons, the prophecy that Morgoth will be chained "as long as the gods sit in Valinor", etc. There's just so much awesome stuff he did, and he was so clever about it that for the first probably three years of the campaign (maybe more), we had no idea we were in Middle Earth, since it was a full thousand years after the War of the Ring and we were in the East.

    I'll send you more in a separate email when I get some time, so as not to bore the rest of your blog readers with my detailed descriptions. :)

  10. Oh, whoa, he set the game 1,000 after the War of the Ring?! That's nuts! I was thinking you guys were doing it right after the war. When I read that all the stuff about connecting Middle Earth to more modern earth history/mythology started to make more sense! If you can just summarize the game (that might be tough with a decade of gaming history) that would be cool to read! You can just hit the high points, you know? No rush, though, I am sure you are busy.

  11. Funny that you should write this. Last night I was going through some of my RPG books thinking that I might bring a few to our next session in order to discuss gamer ADD with you. I was going to bring some MERP books to see if you were familiar with the system at all. I guess I got my answer!

  12. Hey Bill! Are you trying to enable my RPG habit?! That's the last thing I need! ;-) Seriously though, if you want to bring some stuff to show me to the next session, I would love to see it. As for my Gamer ADD, I think I've found a way to overcome it, actually! At least, a way for me to overcome it! Stay tuned...