Monday, May 30, 2011

Down the OSR blog rabbit hole...

In January, I was pondering/"complaining about" the wide range (perhaps too wide) of RPG options out there for us old-school types. Well, today I am wondering if there are too many blogs! Well, perhaps I'm not thinking that there are too many. Perhaps I am just wishing that I had enough time to fully explore our little corner of the blogosphere. I wish I could read all of the blogs that I encounter to their fullest extent. The winding maze of blogs could  almost be considered a type of megadungeon, if one wants to look at it that way. It's definitely an adventure, and a daunting quest indeed!

For example, today I was reading one of the first blogs I ever encountered: Paladin in Citadel. And I went against my better judgment and glanced at the site's blogroll. And I was like Alice, tripping and falling down the rabbit hole. I found a blog called The Chronicles of Ganth that I am finding very interesting. Also during my wanderings I found a blog called Tales from the Tower. I'm having a lot of fun reading the actual-play recaps there.

But every new blog I find leads me ever deeper,  thanks to their gets to the point that I have to just step away from the laptop before I venture too far into the depths...


  1. I know what you mean. A year ago, I was finding new blogs, adding them to my list, promoting them on my own blog... These days, I've barely got time to keep up with a fraction of the blogs I follow. And if I try to read everything, there goes the time to write something on my own!

    Still, I'm glad there are so many people out there passionate enough about gaming to have so many blogs out there running. There's always a new interesting gem popping up. Sorta like finding that chest full of gold and jewels in the dungeon. :)

  2. I feel your pain. Sometimes I spend so much time reading blogs that I have not time to pen any entries of my own.

  3. I blame @Paladin and also DaddyGrognard for most of the blogs I found and now read pretty much every day. It does take up a lot of time, and I wonder how I used to spend it! But, I do think it is time well spent.

    I try to make a very concerted effort to particularly read the blogs of people who have taken their time out to come over to my little blog and read and comment. Hence, I find myself here at "Unto the Breach" quite often! But I'm glad I found it. Great stuff here.

  4. I know exactly what you are saying. I scoured the blog rolls of the first few I started reading and have been adding to my list ever since. I have like 208 or so that are on the list now. I sort by update and try to keep up with it each day though I have to scan some more so than others.

  5. I got hooked on Gronardia's Blog made me want to run my own blog...