Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Salton Seekers - Session 2: Back to the Barrowmaze!

It's been months since my Old Friends Gaming Group had our D&DBQ, but we finally gathered for session 2 of our Salton Seekers campaign. Damn you, adult responsibility! 

ANYway, since all the undead shenanigans in the barrowlands south of the city are presumably being caused by a divine conflict between Nergal (god of death) and the evil deities Orcus and Set, the cleric Nikolas reported to his superiors at the temple of the One True God. 

Access to Salton's archpriest, Paulus, is restricted, however. The journeyman clerics report to the order of deacons, lead by Prime Deacon Teos, a disagreeable fellow who generally reserves lots of disdain for his flock. He responds to Nikolas's report with cool aloofness, and instructs him to delve further into the situation in the barrowlands. 

The group went on a shopping spree after earning their reward from the adventurer's guild (50 gp apiece). Then, they decided to head back to the infamous Barrowmaze. Back among the barrows, they encountered no undead on the daylit surface. After considering breaking open some of the sealed barrows and balking at the prospect of such mundane work, they decided to head back down into the Barrowmaze.

They group explored the tunnels, encountering several more of the mongrelmen. But this time, the twisted creatures were bound hand and foot. They were being led by three bald, pierced, and scarred shirtless men with teeth filed to points, and wearing black breeches. The bizarre bald men attacked with short axes and whips. The party overwhelmed them. One of the men, still clinging to life after the battle, screamed out the name of Orcus before splitting open his own head with his ax.

Suffice to say, the party found more evidence of something very wrong afoot beneath the barrowlands!

As the session was winding down, the group went a bit deeper into the Barrowmaze. The party's cleric, Nikolaus, was attacked by some sort of specter as they were inspecting a corridor lined with crypts. Then, we packed things in for the night. On to the next session!

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