Friday, September 1, 2017

End-of-Week Wendy [Pini] (9/1/17): Elfquest for Classic D&D?

Welcome, September! Welcome, 'Ber months! My favorite time of year! 

And with your cooler winds comes the autumnal madness I feel every year. Forget the fact that the equinox isn't technically until the 22nd. I don't care for technicalities. 

Yes, the madness settles what better way to give in to that madness than to publicly declare my desire to house rule classic/basic D&D into an Elfquest heartbreaker

What's that you say, little elfin voices in my head? That's a great idea I have?! Thank you for your validation! 

Seriously though, I know what the reader may be asking: "Anthony, you never created the Planet of the Ape heartbreaker you raved about over two years ago."

Don't bother me with details! I'll get to that one eventually, I'm sure...

"Ah, Anthony," you chortle, "you go with your bad Quixotic self! Let me get some popcorn, because whether or not you crash and burn on this latest windmill tilt, I want to watch!"

ANYway, THIS time I'm for real! This time, I declare that I will follow through with this latest lunacy. So what that I'm busier than ever? So what that my blog has lain almost fallow for the last year or so, with only Elmore art posts to share with the world??

SO WHAT?!?! I will make this project come to life! I swear it to the Saints Gygax and Arneson!

Welcome to unofficial Fall, folks. It's going to be interesting, at the very least. Keep an eye on this space, people. Stay tuned, there's more madness to come...


  1. There was an official Elfquest RPG, by Chaosium, in the 1980s. It was in a certain respect a heartbreaker, in that it embodied a brilliantly rich, unique fantasy world and its characters, but was so complicated that it had little chance of being accessible to the books' fans. It managed to get to a second edition, mind you!

    1. I bought a copy of the Chaosium Elfquest, and will be using that for inspiration/source material.

  2. my desire to house rule classic/basic D&D into an Elfquest

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