Friday, September 22, 2017

End-of-Week Elmore (9/22/17): Wasteland Warriors

I would like to have posted about my joy that today is the autumnal equinox...but it doesn't feel like fall at all here, in the shadow of Philadelphia! More like a friggin' summer day. At least the leaves are falling. Hopefully the east coast won't become an arid wasteland like the one depicted in today's Elmore illo! Probably not, thanks to climate change-induced hurricanes that are probably heading our way someday! 

Okay, enough gloom and doom from me! I'm still reading through the Elfquest oeuvre, will probably take me through the Fall and into Winter to do so, given everything else I have going on. But I still have that heartbreaker on my mind, have no doubt!

Happy gaming to one and all out there! Hope you get to roll some dice this weekend!

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