Monday, September 23, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 21: Favorite Dragon Type/Color

So, once again I'm playing catch-up with this challenge. Oh well, I am unapologetic! I went on an adventure with the family that included the Sweetest Place on Earth (not Willy Wonka's factory, but still pretty cool), and then we found ourselves at the very excellent Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!
We had an incredible time at both places, but I'm particularly fond of the Faire, having been there many times over the years, as well as working there on one weekend around the time I graduated from high school. If you're ever in the Lancaster, PA area, do yourself a favor and visit the PA Ren Faire (check out their website if you're cursious about it).
Anyway, on to the Day 21 entry: BLACK DRAGONS! Ready for some more Dragonlance love? Here 'tis: I've had a thing for the evil black dragons since I first read about the dread Khisanth, rising out of the well in Xak Tsaroth to scourge the Companions of the Lance! The group would later encounter, and ultimately slay, the dragon in the bowels of the ruined city. But while she lived, old Khisanth was quite the bitch!

OK, posts for Days 22 and 23 coming later today! Stay tuned...


  1. I remember reading the early Dragon Lance novels and thinking how incredibly dangerous Black Dragons were then reading the Monster Manual later on and being completely underwhelmed with such a weak breath weapon.

    I think that book deserves a reread to restore my faith in black dragons.

  2. I never noticed Goldmoon adds pants in the lower illustration.
    the DL1 sunken city adventure is a amazing concept as was the map.