Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 1: How You Got Started

Aww yeah, meme time! I KNOW, I'm a day late starting. Whatever. I'll do my Day 2 post today as well. Happy?
So, how I got started. Well, I've already written about that extensively in my testimonial. To be more precise, you can read about my early roleplaying years in the first post in that testimonial series. In reading other people's Day 1 posts, I'm feeling rather like a youngun, since I didn't really get started with RPGs until about 1987 or so. But please, if you are interested to know more about my roleplaying background, read the post mentioned above. And please let me know if  you're doing the challenge so I can read about your gamer origins!


  1. Sooo... a bit late, but I am doing this. :) But I'm doing it on Facebook and Google Plus instead of on my blog. I don't know why - I think it's partly just because I felt like that lot of these posts would end up being so short that it seemed like a full blog posts would be unwarranted. I was thinking particularly of the "Favorite Dice" one, but as it turns out, that's been one of my longest posts so far!

  2. Oh! My Google Plus profile is here and my Facebook page for Daddy Rolled a 1 is here.

  3. NICE! Everything is just so...well, NICE!

    I found your blog as I tumbled down links though my follows follows follows. Now I've made it easier and just opted to follow you myself. :)

    I'm a super huge newbie tabletopper. I'll have to get around to the D&D 30 Day Challenge on my CarpeDM blog, but I'm going to cheat and do it list style in a single post. I know, I'm a big ol' cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

  4. 1:I saw some ProJared D&Dcember videos and got hooked.
    4:Forgotten Realms'
    8:Skamos Relentless
    9:Ragnar Fjordijar
    10:Spending 2 hours yelling at a blacksmith
    11:Vengeance of the Valkyrie
    13:Spike Pits
    14:Varduum (The devil partially possessing Skamos' mind)