Monday, January 14, 2013

The Mongoliad: A Hidden Gem?

Has anyone out there heard of The Mongoliad? I love digging around libraries in search of books I haven't heard of, because I'm usually obsessive-compulsive about keeping an eye on upcoming fiction. So I was digging through the audiobooks section of my local library branch, and found an unabridged recording of The Mongoliad, Book One. I'd never heard of this book, and that's awesome!

So far, it's a pretty cool. The story takes place in the 13th century, and follows a motley group of warriors as they help the fight against the Mongol hordes. Pretty good stuff. Apparently, it's been co-authored by a list of authors including well-known names like Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear. It began life as a serialized online story, but was eventually published in dead-tree format (and, of course, made it onto a good number of audio CDs).

You can read more about The Mongoliad here.

I'm enjoying the tale so far. Has anyone else read this book? At this point, I would recommend checking it out. I'm hoping that I won't change that opinion as I get further into the book!

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  1. I liked it enough that I bought the 2nd book too and will buy the 3rd when it arrives.