Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Near Horizon: Barebones Fantasy RPG and Heroes & Other Worlds

Anyone heard about this yet? Yep, another game system coming down the pike to join the ever-swelling ranks of RPGs from which to choose. At least there wasn't a friggin' Kickstarter for the thing, thank the gods.

I'm definitely more interested in getting a look at Barebones Fantasy RPG than I am with Delving Deeper. Ho hum, Delving Deeper is even closer to OD&D rules than Swords & Wizardry. Oh boy!

Oh, and have you heard of Heroes & Other Worlds RPG? If not, check that out as well. Should be interesting, too. Again, no friggin' Kickstarter, can I get an amen to that?


  1. Thanks for the mention for my upcoming RPG Heroes & Other Worlds. I had a few suggestions to go kick starter, but frankly I don't want to take anyones ducats until I have something to give them back. Now THAT is old school! HOW is inspired be melee/wizard in system and Moldvay Basic Rules book in presentation. Kind of a basic game I wish I had found back in 1980 from Metagaming.

  2. Congratulations Fenway5, making a game and funding it alone is rewarding. :-)

    Thanks for the mention! We are live at

    I hope you enjoy the game.

  3. No kickstarter for the PDF, but if you want to see the game in print, a kickstarter will be necessary and is in the works. (Sorry to burst the bubble.) Kickstarters have taken off so well because they work and have become essential to gaining funds that can't be had any other way. Gamers are passionate about their games, and kickstarters are a blessing, because 99% of people do not have the funds to publish new games in print form. Game design is not an effective means of self-support in most cases. People do it because they love gaming, not because they want to earn a buck.