Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To (mis)quote Edmund Burke...

All that is necessary for the triumph of douchebaggery is that compassionate gamers type nothing.

I'm not into flame wars, but I'm also not into sitting back while some petty Internet tyrant lounges in his ivory tower and belittles people. Especially when the people being belittled are those that I respect.

'Nuff said. I'm over the latest example of such douchery in our little corner of the blogosphere. But never fear, I always keep my eyes peeled.

UPDATE: True to form, THAT GUY created a post speaking of/to yours truly. He calls it "DRAMA!" I would call it "He's overestimating his effect on me, by far."

I'm not angry in the least. Being angry would imply that I have an emotional attachment to the man. Not at all. What I do feel attached to is our community here in the gaming blogosphere. And when someone starts flinging their bad attitude around with impunity, I feel compelled to speak out. 'Nuff said.

And since it may never see the light of day, here's my comment on his "Drama" post:

You are overthinking all of this, man. I'm just an average guy. No grand conspiracy against you. Note that I haven't commented at all on your blog for some time now. It's only when you start attacking people and getting up on your proverbial high horse that I feel I should speak up.

If you don't want to hear a different opinion about your behavior, why are you out here on the Internet? You can't expect to get all pissy and abuse people verbally and not take some shit for it, right? You shouldn't be surprised when you get bile for bile.

I just call it like I see it. Is there really any denying that you come off pretty harsh on people, and perhaps needlessly so? That you browbeat others, and you go off at the slightest provocation? Am I wrong?

And it's just baffling. It's so easy to be nice to other people. And nice doesn't mean you're a pushover. You can still have strong opinions, stand firm for your beliefs, and be a nice guy.

Doesn't all that bile choke you, ever? I don't care if it's real or just some act you put on, that vitriol is not good for you or for the community. That's all I've ever said to you, and all that I will ever say. Just give people a break. I'm not trying to get you to leave the blog community. That's an impossibility, and nor would I want it. I feel you do have a lot to offer the community.

All your literary allusions and purple prose are not needed in this instance, my friend. Spend that energy being a cheery chap once in a while. It might do you wonders.

P.S. And can we stop assuming that I'm "miserable," I hate my life, I'm not happy with my gaming situation, I'm always angry, and all the other stuff you're assuming? This is all just obfuscation on your part to steer the conversation away from your bad attitude. You don't know anything about me, as I don't know anything about your real, non-Internet self.

All I'm talking about is how you come across on your blog, man. You just come across as a bully, or whiny. Or some combination of the two. That's all. It baffles me why people put up with your crap out here.


  1. Ironically, by making any public notice of the 'drama' post, you are creating drama.

  2. Mike Monaco: I know. Crazy, right? ;-)

  3. This is how many posts now that you've written about me?

    Sorry, it's just that you sound so fucking miserable, Paul. It could be because the only time I ever read this blog is when you're carping on and on about how unimportant I am in your life.

  4. Bewildering. Simply bewildering.

    I mean, carping on about another blogger while simultaneously complaining how vitriolic they are towards others? Pot, meet Kettle.

    You know, that post mentioned that the only time players ever say "I'm just playing in character" is when self-serving douchebaggery is about to commence.

    I didn't realize the same could also apply to "I'm not into flamewars, but..."

    1. I think you need to look up the definition of vitriol. And if you weren't drinking the Tao-Aid, you'd see the difference between how I present myself on the blogosphere and how Alexis presents himself.

  5. Of course it applies to flamers, Arduin. Particularly those who "don't" participate them in circumstances where they're not in any way involved, but insert themselves in for the good of ALL MANKIND.

    Oh, and doing so while insisting that they're unaffected by the events.

    My favorite, though, is the question of why I be on the internet in the first place, unless I specifically wanted Paul here to comment on my blog? There's no one else in the universe who comments there, right?

    1. I'm your reminder that no bad attitude goes unpunished ;-)

  6. Gentlemen, my thanks for stopping by! All are welcome! Coherent as ever, I see. Jolly good, old sods!

    Alexis, is calling me Paul supposed to be an insult? You wound me, sir! Have at you! Consider me chastened!

    I would never presume to speak for all mankind, but you do me honor in thinking so!

    Agree to disagree, what what?

    Enjoy your day chaps, and as always, happy gaming!