Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anyone else locked out of The Eternal Keep?

Uh, yeah, so I've been trying to look at The Eternal Keep for the last day or so, and it won't let me get in! I keep getting a message that I need to be invited to read it or something like that. Anyone know what's going on? And if one needs to be invited to read it these days, how does one go about getting such an invitation?! Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks for checking in, ADD Grognard, with the details! Since Blogger has been sucking again lately and I can't f-ing post comments to my own blog, I'm putting this edit in. Good luck with everything! I'll miss The Eternal Keep if it goes away! Maybe we should all make a mass exodus from Blogger. That might get them to get their shite together.


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  2. The Keep situation is technical.

    I have tried my best Kung Fu on it and can only come to the conclusion that the widget for blog listings has been changed. Other ones on the same page seem to work fine but the main one will not save after making changes. It was working fine this last week but now seems glitched.

    I've tried using another computer and testing by upgrading everything software wise and still it won't save.

    I now understand the rising attitude about Blogger and why everyone is jumping to Wordpress.

    I will be working on the problem as time permits but it looks like a scrub job and that just isn't in the schedule right now.

    I had mentioned during the holidays that I saw this coming and that I might be needing to change things around:

    I'll be updating through:

    As things progress.

  3. Hey, ADD Grognard: What's your status? Classic Realms of Adventure seems to be gone, and now both the ADD Grognard blog and Eternal Keep seem to be invitation only. Info about where you are blogging now would be appreciated!
    All the Best,
    Theodric the Obscure