Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Idle Musings: Elf Ear Length

I for one can't stand those long, World of Warcraft elf ears. Is WoW to blame for the popularity of extra-large elf ears? Blech.

Gimme slightly pointed elf ears any day.

Of course, if the elf is being portrayed by Felicia Day, that's when I stop caring about the ears.

So, what are your preferred elf ears?

Oh, and for those who are hardcore about their elfish-ness, there's always body mod (of course this would also work for those Trekkers who wish to be more Vulcan).


  1. The first time that I saw really long elf ears was in Record of Lodoss War, so it could derive from Japanese anime/manga. Earlier than that, though, there was the Pinsom comic in Dragon magazine. Still, I'm not sure if he was really an elf as we think of them.

    Personally, I don't know if elves should have pointy ears at all, but if they do, I always see them as shorter.

  2. Like faoladh, I thought the long ears came from Record Of Lodoss War and I rather liked them in that. However, as my current campaign doesn't include elves the issue shouldn't arrive.

  3. Those ginormous WoW ears are beyond ridiculous.

    I prefer spock like ears, subtle but obviously different.