Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ye Olde Summer Slump

Hey all out there in Blogsville! August is a rough time for me when it comes to free time. Both my kids are August babies, so their birthday plans eat up free time. As per usual, the rest of my free time is going to roleplaying, and some reading of novels and such. Actually, the novel reading time is being impacted by the RPG time, so the reading is slooooooow. I'm mucking my way through A Dance with Dragons as best I can. But my friends are blazing through it and wondering what's taking me so long ;-)

Anyway, apologies again for lack of posting. But I wanted to give you all a teaser (especially Reader Jimmy, who has recently asked me to start posting again!) of what's in the pipeline for me with regard to posts:
  • A recap of Session 2 of my Paragons of Waterdeep campaign
  • A post regarding my thoughts on whether or not Tolkien influenced OD&D and why I think this "issue" is a non-argument/no-brainer
Talk to you all soon, and as always, happy gaming!


  1. Oh, and like a fool I'm tempted to post something about one of the RPG blogosphere's more notorious bloggers. And then there's this "Building a Better GM" trend that's out there at the moment...might have to chime in on that as well.

  2. AND perhaps I will start posting on my desire to go back and do some serious reading of the books that were the roots of fantasy literature in the 20th century. We'll see...