Friday, April 22, 2011

More Wednesday Night C&C Goodness!

Just wanted to pop in quick before my work day starts in earnest. I went to my second session of Wednesday Night C&C at All Things Fun! You can check out some pics here and here.

We had a couple more players come, a husband and wife duo. She played a druid and he a barbarian. They were very welcome to our little band of merry pranksters. I call us pranksters because we've been trapsing around a little town you might have heard of, the City State of the Invincible Overlord, causing all sorts of trouble since the current Overlord was assassinated.

So far we've tried to keep the city destabilized and in chaos by trying to pit the two ruling noble houses against each other. In the course of this we've stolen some uniforms from one house's soldiers (and in the process burned down what was basically a medieval laundromat ;-) and wore them to raid (and yes, burn) a warehouse belonging to the other house. We're not yet sure if our plan worked.

With our new wilderness friends, we decided to take on the slave trade, since the druid and barbarian had come to town looking for some of their tribes people who had been taken as slaves. We managed to free two women from their tribe. Then the session ended on a cliffhanger, because we decided to use the city's sewers to move in secret. Unfortunately, we finally got unlucky on the GM's random encounter roll, and the last thing he described before the end of the game was the clicking of many little legs, coming toward us...

Oh yeah, it was a good time!

P.S. One of the NPCs is a real treasure, BTW. He's a large man named Mustapha who wears, of course, a fez with a long tassle. The GM, Rich, rolled a couple 1's I think during a combat, because he kept laughing and describing how Mustapha's tassle would fall into his eyes, causing the giant hammer he wields to swing wildly and smash cobblestones and such.

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