Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Showers Bring...RPG Flowers?!

Wow, this new job thing can really put a hurting on one's RPG aspirations, I tell ya! However, there was no foolin' on April Fool's Day, because that night we did have a meeting of our small roleplaying group. You may ask why we were gaming on a Friday night instead of our usual Thursday. Well, that's due to more adult responsibility! One of our player's work schedules is shifting around again, so Friday has become more favorable for him. However, this means that our other guy, who works til about 8 on Fridays, can't get there until later in the night.

Anyway, there was a bit of a momentous event that night, because one of our other gaming buddies from back in the day decided to make an appearance! I was more than overjoyed to see another one of our old friends come out to sit at the roleplaying table again. It's funny, because I had taken out a bigger table for game night, and not our usual smaller card table. I wonder if it's a magic table... Anyway, we had to spend some time creating a character for the new-old guy, and also explain to all three players the concepts behind the Castles & Crusades system. So it was pretty late by the time we started to actually game. But it was a great feeling nonetheless.

Now the task will be to get everyone to keep coming back to the table on a regular basis. I'm pushing for every two weeks. Here's hoping... Also, of course, my time that I've been able to dedicate to game prep and blogging has obviously decreased dramatically. This is not only due to my need to work hard to get up to speed on the new full-time job, but also because of my very consistent freelance work writing web copy and also grading some papers for a family friend that teaches basic college English classes. This being the breadwinner thing is tough! ;-)

I think part of my solution will be to finally break down and get a laptop, which is going to be possible soon due to increase income! My company also has a computer hardware discount that I think I need to look into...anyway, gotta get back to the grindstone. Hope all is well, and happy gaming!


  1. Wow, when I wrote this post out I really did put in paragraph breaks, but when I published it became one big block o' text...and that's a no-no in my line of work! ;-) Trying to fix, but so far no go...

  2. There, much better! Thank goodness for my minimal html training!

  3. Glad to hear you got the old band(its) back together again.