Thursday, August 19, 2010

Still Looking for Players...

Sorry I've been AFK for a few days with regard to ye olde blog. Been focusing on wrapping up the final details on my Legendary Domains campaign and also getting the word out to potential players. I've had a few well wishers on Obsidian Portal and a few nibbles of interest, but not the steady stream that I was hoping for...

And in the meantime, the Dragon Warriors itch has stolen over me again! Damn it, GM ADD strikes again! I've been considering exploring the game for some time now, and the urge has become nigh overwhelming!

So, keep your fingers crossed for me and say a prayer to St. Gygax that I'll eventually get some solid players for my campaign!


  1. I'll email you as well later on today, assuming all goes well. I've been itching for some gaming :)

  2. Putting a new group together can be a pain, but once the group gets going its gravy! Good luck with the group gathering.