Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slow Blog Days

I'm currently in a Sargasso Sea of busy-ness this week, between work, family, and other real life stuff. On the gaming side of my existence, I'm also using my spare time to work on my Pathfinder character (read my session report on my first Pathfinder game for the reasons why I'm desperate to tighten up my character!)

Also taking up my free time is reading some fiction as well as all the blogging I've been trying to do, all the blogs I've been reading, and all the RPGs I've been reading. Something has to give, and unfortunately the blog seems to be getting the short shrift.

In the meantime, I wanted to ask everyone again for some more advice on getting rid of some gaming stuff. My blog-based "yard sale" hasn't generated much interest (though it seems like someone who I have contacted via Craigslist might want to buy all the video games I listed).

Seriously, any thoughts? Anyone interested in anything? ;-)

That's all for now. I hope to blog something of more substance again soon. I have a huge list of more involved topics that I want to write about, and I want to do them justice. Hopefully I'll have the time soon to do so...

Stay tuned, and as always, happy gaming!


  1. I'm interested to hear more about your Pathfinder game. I have the core books, subscribed to the Kingmaker AP and other odds and ends and I've liked it all. Just never played it yet.

  2. I'm afraid there's not much aftermarket for RPG books. There's a big ol' twice-yearly game auction up here in Chicago, thousands of books & modules, and most of it sells for $4-$6 a pop. And that's an in-person auction where you can see what you're buying. Try ebay?

  3. Tim: I put a link to my session report on my Pathfinder game in this entry. Just look back about four posts for my write-up on the session.

    Patrick: I know, I know, the books just don't sell! I'm trying not to face the ugly truth! Ugh, eBay...just dreading that. I haven't tried to sell anything on eBay in years. Do they still nickle and dime you to death???

  4. E-bay seems to have a lot of free listings these days, at least once a month it seems. I need to list some things on there too. I really don't think there fees are too bad.

  5. I am interested in your Pathfinder game as well. Let us know how that goes. My Pathfinder approach is pretty oldschool, but it works.